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Feysel Takele Reta Charted Certified Accountants (UK) and Certified Audit Firm in Ethiopia is established by a group of Chartered Certified Accountants who have a combined experience of more than 30 years providing auditing, accounting, tax and financial advisory services. We are registered with the Accounting and Auditors Board of Ethiopia (AABE) and Ministry of Trade and Industry to perform auditing, tax and financial advisory services for companies in all business and industry sectors.
We distinguish ourselves in a variety of ways:
  • We truly believe that ‘the client is king’ and we strive every day to meet and exceed our clients’ expectation. We are ready to serve you.
  • We bring to all our clients depth of experience and the highest quality services delivered consistently.
  • Our workforce combines the dynamism, fluid-thinking, business knowledge and insight of the young graduate.
  • We deliver 'value for money' to our clients by placing emphasis on understanding their business environment.
  • Integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due care, professional behavior, and confidentiality are our core ethical values.
A key component of our quality control efforts is our training program. The most important objective of our program and its related courses is to provide each staff with the skills required to function effectively on an engagement. Accordingly, our courses are practice oriented and are taught by seasoned professionals with in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. These courses are both skill and industry specific and provide information on auditing, accounting and consulting issues. Also, each principal and member of the professional staff of the firm is required to complete the minimum hours of continuing professional development education as outlined in the manuals of the Members book of ACCA. This includes completing 40 hours of continuing education and training every year, of which at least 20 hours are to be verifiable.
Our primary goal is to provide quality service to our clients in accordance with the standards of the profession. To accomplish this, we have adopted various policies and procedures that ensure a quality practice. These policies and procedures are monitored through an annual internal inspection program. All engagements are subject to a detailed review of work papers and comprehensive file reviews by principals. Additionally, every deliverable is reviewed by principals and managers. Leading these important efforts is our Quality Assurance Team. The Quality Assurance Team is responsible for all aspects of quality control of the services for the firm, including developing and communicating best practices, establishing and maintaining client acceptance and continuance, monitoring engagement performance, providing consultation and quality reviews, and leading firm-wide risk management. They are also instrumental in developing and maintaining the firm’s culture of independence, objectivity and integrity.
The Firm creates a non-disruptive and efficient environment by staffing engagements with the highest possible level of professionals and placing minimal reliance on associates. Our staffing methodology and client services team approach mandates a significant participation by experienced professionals including principals and managers in order to reduce the impact of staff turnover. This methodology results in committed client service teams, an effective and efficient engagement and long-term staffing continuity. Our key professional staffs are permanent employees of the firm and some externals associates also have an extended and stable working relationship with us. We envision a team working closely with our clients. To fully understand and exceed client’s expectations, we will communicate regularly throughout our engagement. Our goal is to ensure we have strong personal relationships between our client and our core team so that there are “no surprises.”

Our Services

Audit Services

We combine an experienced client service team, modern audit approach, extensive advance planning to address significant accounting issues and avoid omissions and timely coordination with management to bring to the client the best available audit services.

In light of the above, the firm has the expertise to conduct a broad range of audits, including:

  • Financial Audit
  • Performance and Management Audit
  • Compliance Audit
  • Investigation Audit
  • Other specialized Audit Services

Finance Administration

We can act as your financial manager or provide back-up support to existing financial accounting functions on a temporary or long- term basis.

Due Diligence

We are well equipped to assess the commercial benefits and potential drawbacks of your acquisition plan. Assist you in the identification of assets and liabilities, operational issues and gather industry related information. We verify specific management representation and analyze the credibility of information.

Internal Audit

Our internal audit service includes: Examination and evaluation of financial & operating information, VFM audits, Review of compliance with laws and regulations, Review of internal policies and Risk assessments. We reviews, monitors and makes cost effective recommendations for the improvements of your systems.


We can formally wind up a company to repay creditors and shareholders. We find out what the company’s assets and liabilities are, continue trading temporarily if it is beneficial to winding up, and make arrangements for the realization of assets and payment of creditors and shareholders.


We understand the value of going beyond just providing client service and actually transferring knowledge. We provide trainings for you and your finance team as well. We have the expertise to provide training on Ethiopian tax laws, Peachtree accounting, book keepings and the basics of accounting. Other trainings are arranged as per client’s requirements.

Accounting advisory services

Our team is well placed to design and implement your accounting system, prepare financial manual and guidelines which suit your business and sector. We also advise our clients on issues arising from new legislation such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International Public Sector Accounting Standard (IPSAS), and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

IFRS / IPSAS Conversion

Are you first time adopter of IFRS/IPSAS? Don’t worry! We are available to assist you in all aspects of your company’s conversion to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Public Sector Accounting Standard (IPSAS). We offer a range of services to assist in converting to IFRS/IPSAS, including executing the conversion plan and monitoring the process.

Payroll Administration

Our payroll service is a single-step solution that can limit your payroll work to simply submission of the monthly input data to us. Our works commonly includes preparation of payroll, pay-slips and payroll reports, preparation of remittances, issuing payroll cheques and bank transfer instructions, designing tax efficient remuneration packages and filing monthly returns with the authorities.

Tax Advice and Guidance

We will help you in structuring business transactions so that you maximize after-tax profit. Our assistance in the preparation and declaration of monthly tax returns including Value Added Tax, Withholding Tax, Income Taxes, and excise taxes keep you and your company away from any possible government penalties. We also update you on new regulations and amendments on taxes and their effect on your business and reporting.

Review of Accounting system and Internal Control

We provide assurance to our clients regards to: Compliance with internal company policies and procedures; Compliance with local laws and regulations; Reliable financial reporting; Effective and efficient financial controls and system; and Adequate protection of company assets against fraud.

Our Clients

The firm has audit and consulting clients across various industries and sectors and the firm’s client base is growing rapidly. Our practice focuses on providing services to Companies ranging from local to foreign investors.
Industries and Sectors we involved in are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Construction
  • Merchandise/Retail
  • Not for Profit/NGO
  • Exports/Imports
  • Government/Public Enterprises
  • Agriculture/ Horticulture/ Fishery
  • Hospital and Medical Centers

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Our Address

Feysel Takele Reta Chartered Certified Accountants

Lideta Business District
AIA Building 2nd Floor
Office: +251 118 545 765
Mobile:+251 911 121 548
P.O.Box 9151